Meet Bhagyashhri Arora

Ms Bhagyashhri Arora is a certified yoga counsellor and wellness coach.

Very passionate about making positive change in lifestyle and strongly believe “health is wealth”.She has successfully conducted 100+ workshops in leading corporate organizations. She has also created Personalized Yoga Modules and Meditation Sessions for specific conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, back pain, weight loss and many more. Bhagyashhri created customized yoga sessions for the kids which are offline and also online and received beautiful testimonials from parents.

She is regularly creating different workshops online and offline which are related to yoga, pranayam also related to hair care and skin care. She is also suggesting a diet plan during her workshop which gives 360 solutions to everything you are looking for.

Being a true devotee of Yoga, She believes that the attitude of gratitude is the highest form of yoga.

She has trained celebrities like Rahul Vaidya and her educational qualification in Yoga Science is as follows.

  • Yoga Counselling in Psychology
  • Basic and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Yogic Concepts & Techniques To Children And Healthy Adults (200 Hours)
  • Advanced Yogic Concepts And Techniques (900 Hours)
  • Chakra Healing - Level 2 Of Yoga Psychology
  • Diploma In Yoga Counselling Swadhyay Programme

She conducts various workshops considering societal Physical and Mental Health.

The young generation today is running too fast, and in this fast-paced world, Yoga is something that can benefit them Physically and Mentally.

And so there are workshops that target problems towards a focussed solution.

There are training and workshops which are conducted as follows:

  • Online/ Offline
  • For Employee Wellness in Big Corporates
  • For Non Corporates ( Society)
  • Personalized Training Sessions
  • Group Trainings


It is not only about teaching but she keeps learning and exploring in yoga,
below are her achievements she keeps adding.

Corporate Clients

See you on the mat!