Chair Yoga

What if I told you, that the chair on which you are sitting now can help you perform Yoga?

You won’t believe that, Right?

You only need a Yoga Mat , Is it?

No, then you are mistaken because Yoga is such an activity that only needs your willingness ,your mindset to perform YOGA .

So Yoga is an exercise that can be performed “Anywhere”.

We are in the times, where every working professional will hate their office chair as it is the chair on which they sit for long hours and do their desk job.

Long working hours have impacted health adversely. Due to long sitting hours, spinal cord issues arise early and nowadays we all have seen that young aged people cannot sit straight, nor can sit without support.

Moreover, Chair Yoga is also beneficial for the people who lack movement, and find difficult to do exercise on the floor, so now:

Let us begin 2023 by loving that chair and making your health better.

For working Professionals, this chair can be converted from a bane to a boon.

There are simple exercises that one must perform during working hours to keep your health in place.

What are these exercises, let us see that.

One can perform various postures on the chair, do stretches, twisting exercises, forward bending, back bending ,hip stretche,s etc

Apart from Stretching activities, there are various other benefits such as better sleep,
improved muscle and breathing habits etc.

Beginners Exercises or for working Professionals.

Chair- Cat-Cow Stretching exercises (You can use your image for the same)

Due to long sitting hours, there are high chances of getting jerks or spinal cord issues. Take a 5-minute break and do these exercise as it doesn’t take much of your time, but it will definitely improve your health line.

Simple Inhale and roll your shoulders down and back -This is a Cow Position.

Simple Exhale and you need to round your spine and drop the chin to your chest,with your shoulder and head coming forward-It is Cat position.

5 breaths and you are sorted for the day and this boosts your productivity.

Hands Pose on the chair-Also Called Urdhva Hastasan

As you inhale, Raise your hands towards the ceiling.

This helps in improving the posture and sit naturally for this pose One must anchor the sit bones on the chair and gradually perform the hand raising.

The above-mentioned exercises for working professionals will provide them relaxation and boost their work mood automatically, as it reduces the stress of the shoulder by improving Blood Flow.

Now will state all the Benefits of Doing Chair Yoga.
  • It provides gentle support for people who have less stability and support. Such exercises are generally done by Senior Citizen centers, For Old age people to improve their health.
  • It increases Balance and also improves your flexibility.
  • Yoga is a mood booster and calms your energy.
  • It is a simple and effective exercise that allows blood circulation to have a proper flow.
  • It decreases anxiety and chronic pain.

There are other exercises that one can do at Home- And it can be simply done by everyone.

Let us se what are those exercises.

Forward Bending in Chair -Uttanasana

(I have attached the Yoga Asana Picture for your references-You can use yours for Chair Yoga too)

-Sit firmly on the chair.

While you exhale-You must do forward bending till your hands reach your legs if possible,don’t over stretch with pressure.The head must be in a hanging position.

Now, raise the arms to the back of your head and one must repeat this exercises with breathing exercises.

Side Angle Pose-Uttitha Parsvaonasana

Perform Forward Bending ,Perform this pose in such a manner that your left fingertips touch your left foot .

For easy performing of this asana-If your hands don’t touch the foot,then use a block under your left knee.

Inhale and twist the same pose to the right side.Hold your Breathe when you perform this exercises and also look at the ceiling while you make that right arm twist.

The same has to be done both ways-Right Arm down and Left arm up.

Chair Pigeon Asana-Ek Pada RajaKapotasana

Sit properly ,touch your backside to the chair,and then put your right ankle on the left knee and hold on to this position for three to five breaths.

For more stretch,forward your head towards the knee.

Garudasana on Chair.

You need to cross right thigh over left thigh for this pose.

If possible wrap the right foot on the left calf.

Then cross the left arm over the right at the elbow. Now Bend your both the elbows and bring the palms to touch.
You need to lift the elbows while dropping the shoulders also it must be placed away from the ears.

Hold three to five breathes and repeat the same on the other side.

Spinal Twisting Asana-Ardha Matsyendrasana

Sit on the sideway to the chair.Face to the left.Twist the torso,towards the left and hold your back to the chair for a spinal twist.

When you inhale,lengthen your spine and while you exhale twist your body .

This asana can be repeated on the other side of the chair .

Warrior Asana- Virabhadarasana

Let your right leg in the position of the chair and swing the left leg and have a good stretch.The left foot that is placed parallel to the chair must be in chair’s position .
with a straight footing.

The torso must be kept facing the right leg and you will raise the arms to the ceiling positioning like a warrier.

Hold this position with breaths.

Chair Shavasana.

Close your Eyes and hands in your lap,when you complete your asanas.This position calms your nerves and also you can feel your energies positively by doing a good workout and that will linger happy hormones.

All the effects of this asana will be there inside you and you will feel calm.

Thus Yoga is a multiple benefit giver and it can be practiced for all the age groups concerning their condition.

Thus Chair Yoga is the exercise for every age group.Most importantly it targets senior and aged citizen ,so that they can improve their ailment and have active health.

Chair Yoga is the need of the hour for working professions to have health reminder as a red alert.

Thus Yoga has a rich source of evey asana which is for every disease.

It is a one stop solution for your Physical and Mental Well-Being

Have you tried this Chair Yoga?

If not Yet,Then

Get on your Chairs and Call out every member of the family and do this wonderful Chair Yoga .