Today each age group is suffering from this major issue which is not seen, but is highly felt in every mind.
It’s called Stress.

From small kids worrying about Marks , to adults worrying about jobs.

Old aged people worrying about their children’s future has led to an increase in stress levels.

Workshop would include various Pranayama that target inner chakras that heal and make you feel good.

These exercises bring calmness and reduce anxiety levels as they target your anxiety levels with different kinds of Pranayama.

Details of The workshop with Timing

90 mins Workshop includes consultancy and also regular follow-up.
One Workshop Multiple Health Benefits.
Grab this Workshop and have a new year resolution to focus on your health.

Upcoming workshop

  • March 3rd- Skin workshop (8-9 Evening)
  • March 10th- Hair workshop(8-9 Evening)
  • March 17th – Wellness Workshop (8-9 Evening)
  • March 24th – Pranayama Workshop (8-9 Evening)

Interested in
any of the workshops?